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1. Jianhu Library receives readers over the age of 13 (inclusive), and Jianhu children's library receives late adult readers under the age of 18 (inclusive).

2. It is recommended to deposit your schoolbag and other items with you at the bag storage place. Please take valuables with you.

3. Please pay attention to your appearance. Those wearing sweat vests and slippers are not allowed to enter the lib.

4. Please keep quiet in the reading area and keep your mobile phone silent.

5. Please take good care of the documents and all public properties in the museum, and the damage must be compensated according to the regulations.

6. Please keep the environment clean and tidy.

7. Please do not bring pets into the lib. 

8. Please do not eat or drink in the reading area.

9. Smoking and open flames are strictly prohibited in the museum, and inflammables and explosives are not allowed into the museum.

10. Unless otherwise approved, photography and photographing are prohibited in the reading area.

11. Please consciously abide by public order and obey the management of staff.



AddressZone B, Culture and Art Center, Zhonghu South Road, Jianhu

TrafficTake Jianhu No. 22 / Jianhu No. 20 and get off at "Art Center".

1. Apply for reader's card

At least 13 years old can apply for jianhu Library reader card.

Please bring your original id card (including ID card, household register, military id card, driver's license, foreign passport, Hong Kong and Macao ID card, Taiwan Compatriots card) to the reception desk.

Servicemen, disabled persons, senior citizens aged 60 or above and minors aged 13 or above can apply for preferential cards at the general service counter with valid certificates.

2. Reader card password

To protect your borrowing rights, please remember your reader card password. Change your password by using the library search equipment or the library website (http://www.jhtsg.cn).

3. Change the reader card level

After returning the borrowed documents, the reader's card and the original id card should be handled at the reception desk. In the case of agent, the original id card of agent should be provided.

4. Refund of reader card

After returning all the borrowed documents and materials, the reader himself should bring the original reader's card and ID card to the general service desk for on-site processing. If it is handled by the agent, the original ID card of the agent shall also be provided. After the card is returned, the reader card will be taken back by the general service desk.

If the reader card is lost and the card is returned, it must be handled in person, not on behalf of others.

5. Reissue reader card

If the reader card is accidentally lost, please report the loss to the general service desk or by phone. The supplementary certificate must be handled at the general service desk in person, and cannot be handled on behalf. The fee for reissuing the certificate is 20 yuan.

If you find the original card after reporting the loss, you can go to the general service desk with your ID card to cancel the loss report. After returning the replacement reader card, you can return the replacement fee, and the original function can continue to be used. All consequences caused by the loss of the reader card before reporting the loss shall be borne by the lost person.

6. For the reader card not handled by the library, if you need to report the loss, renew or return the card, please go to the original library to handle the loss.